New Opportunities

Life has been pretty grand for me lately. I’ve been given new opportunities that are expanding my reach as a writer and a person. I’ve attended my first writers’ retreat/workshop and connected with a lot of other writers. I’ve been doing a lot of writing and working on some secret stuff that only a few people know about. But what I wanted to discuss today is an opportunity that I have been very open about.

My friend, Cade, recently started a new website called Fandom Bay. The site is a one stop shop for info on fan culture, pop culture, politics, music, and anything else that people have a passion for. I’m working as an editor and contributor for the site!

This site is letting me explore the topics in media I have been dying to write about. I’m lucky to be a part of this group and everyone should definitely check them out. I already have a few articles up there ranging from new shows on race relations to how media has handled sexuality.

Go check them out!

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