May Check-In

I totally forgot I was going to update every month on my writing progress for the year. As a reminder, I am aiming to write 200,000 words this year and was trying to do 85,000 words between January and March. Well, I am doing amazing at that first goal, but kind of bombed at the second lol.

So here are my stats for May and hopefully I will actually remember to update this every month.

85k90: Over and did 55,471 out of 85,000 words total. Maybe next year

GYWO: 17,085 out of 25,000



Star of Xianu: 2,987 out of 15,000 (59, 920 out of 70,000 total)

JAFF Novel: 13,087 out of 50,000

Blog posts: 1,011 words


To date:

85k90: 55,471 out of 85,000

GYWO: 102,604 out of 200,000

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.12.24 PM

Thoughts: Though I did not make the total word count for 85k90, I am doing very well and am tens of thousands of word ahead of schedule for GYWO. The beginning of the month was a bit tough for me, barely getting 500 words a day, but as time went on, things got better. I still didn’t reach my word goal. It doesn’t help that new words come slow when you are in revisions, as I am with Star of Xianu. Plus, I took a week off of writing hen I was starting to feel a little burnt out. I’ve done a lot of writing this year. Next month is really going to be interesting when I start plotting/outlining my first comedy script, plot my next novel, while continuing revisions and the JAFF project.


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