2018 Goals

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Who needs resolutions when you can have goals?


To me, resolutions are things people hope to accomplish, but rarely actually make an effort towards. Goals, on the other hand, are things that people will actually work for. That is why for 2018 I am making goals, not resolutions.

I’ll keep this post simple and just tell you what I will be working towards this year

  1. Posting more often here (As I’ve already told you lol)
  2. Finish Star of Xianu revisions
  3. Write the first draft of a new story
  4. Write a short story
  5. Get an agent
  6. Lose weight
  7. Finish my thesis and gain thesis approval (this feels like a single goal)
  8. Cut down on social media time
  9. Read 75 books
  10. Find more things that make me happy and DO THEM!

Like I said, goals are better than resolutions for me. I am already working towards reaching each of these. They are not written in any particular order, other than what came to mind first while writing this. As the year goes on, I expect further growth, personally and professionally. I hope that you are here to watch as it unfolds.

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