10 Literary Agents I Follow on Twitter


One thing these agents all have in common is that they are happy to give advice and answer questions for newbie writers.

  1. Laura Zats – One-half of the literary friends that brings us the podcast Print Run
  2. Caitie Flum-Always friendly and open to questions
  3. Jessica Sinsheimer-Co-creator of Manuscript Academy and Manuscript Wish List
  4. Brooks Sherman– Just another one of those friendly agents willing to help
  5. Jennifer Laughran-Host of the amazing podcast Literaticast
  6. Kiki Nguyen -New to agenting, but not new to the business
  7. Beth Phelan– Co-creator of #DVPit and #POCPubLuv
  8. Jim McCarthy– You don’t have to look further than his pinned tweet to see how happy he is to help new authors
  9. Linda Camacho-Often found fighting the good fight and giving out advice
  10. Suzie Townsend– Super friendly and always open to questions

This is by no means an exhaustive list, nor is it put in any particular order. Also, because of the types of agents I follow, these are all primarily YA and children’s lit agents. Do you have any go-to agents that give out advice? Share them in the comments below!

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