#BoostMyBio: Pitch Wars Blog Hop


  Okay, I am a few days late with this. Work started back on the 30th and family emergencies have come up, so . did not get to write and post my #BoostMyBio. HOWEVER, I refuse to not complete the #PWPoePrompts lol. So here it is: About the Author: Hi, I’m Traci-Anne Canada. I am […]

(Teaching) Life Comes At You Fast


A little over a year ago I had no idea I would be a teacher and loving it. Sure, I had sighed up for the GACE exams so I could qualify to teach, but it was reluctantly and in the face of having not been able to get a job. It was something I could use […]

  Since I am new to YouTube and AuthorTube, I decided to do the AuthorTube Newbie Tag. The questions for the tag are below. If you decide to do the tag, please let me know! ———- 1 – How did you find out about AuthorTube? 2 – What genres do you write in? 3 – […]

8 #Hashtags For Writers

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With the advent of technology, more and more of publishing moves online. Long gone are the days of having to put your manuscript into a SASE and mailing it off through snail mail. As you may have guessed from some of my previous blog posts, I am big into social media, a place where many […]

Intersecionality in Proto-Feminist Writings

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I was recently working on my Master’s thesis (“The Early Feminist Leanings of Jane Austen’s Gentlewomen Characters”) and I wrote a section on intersectionality that I really liked. It is just a small portion of a larger work, slightly edited to stand alone(-ish), but I wanted to share it here. Kate Chopin is simply a […]

5 Literary Agents and Agencies to Follow on Tumblr


A couple weeks ago, I told you guys some agents to follow on Twitter. Sadly, Twitter does not allow for really in-depth questions and answers, so some agents and agencies have migrated to Tumblr to help writers out. These are just a few: Suzie Townsend Pete Knapp P.S. Literary Agency Donald Maass Literary Agency Jennifer Laughran […]

10 Literary Agents I Follow on Twitter


One thing these agents all have in common is that they are happy to give advice and answer questions for newbie writers. Laura Zats – One-half of the literary friends that brings us the podcast Print Run Caitie Flum-Always friendly and open to questions Jessica Sinsheimer-Co-creator of Manuscript Academy and Manuscript Wish List Brooks Sherman– Just […]

14 Romance Novels of 2018

Yup, it’s that time of year again. Roses given to loved ones, scarfing down chocolates, romantic dinners. That’s right. It’s Valentines Day. I am a big fan of romance and thought that my Valentine’s Day gift to you, would be a list of 14 romance novels being released this year. The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory […]