Hi! I’m Traci-Anne Canada

Have you ever had a million voices in your head, each yelling to have their story told? That’s what my mind is like. And I enjoy every moment of the madness.


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Traci-Anne Canada is a high school Literature teacher and literature student currently finishing her thesis for her Master’s in Literature degree. She enjoys writing fiction, articles, and screenplays. Outside of writing, Traci is obsessed with reading YA and MG literature and romance, playing video games (mostly Destiny and Dragon Age at the moment), knitting, baking, and music. Her favorite animals are sloths and cats. She hopes to get a cat one day, but for now is happy with her fish. While she loves living in the south, she dreams of one day moving to sunny California. Her biggest goals in life are to find fanfiction of her books and to actually read all of the books on her own shelves.

This site is a vehicle to showcase her passion in the arts, politics, social justice, and anything else that pops into her mind, while also being a centralized place to find all the blogs she has work published. There will be a strong focus on writing and the things she learns on the path to becoming a published author.

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